View & Edit Metadata

The Easiest way to view and edit metadata: View and Edit image's EXIF data, IPTC data, XMP data & even GPS data.

Edit GPS Location

Edit GPS location of Images by selecting location on a GPS map simply by entering the location name or by specifying the coordinates.

Batch Editing Supported

Works like a charm on a batch of photos and not just a single image. You can apply metadata values or modifications to a group or batch of Photos.

Drag and drop Photos

Drag & Drop batch of Images

Easily add photos that you wish to edit; you can add Folders with images, entire Photos Library or a batch of photos from your Mac for editing metadata. All common image formats including RAW image format are supported.

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Edit metadeta selected images

Edit metadata of selected images

Use the most appropriate editing options available for the selected images. Edited Fields are Highlighted for reference: Easily scroll to various edited fields and lookup the edited fields as they are highlighted by a different border color. You can even edit the Create Date which no other editor allows.

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Saving output images

Various options for saving output Images

You can save the processed images in a different folder or overwrite at the source location as per your preference. Once the changes are made, the processed photos will reflect the edited metadata.

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Rename metadeta

Rename option available for saving output files

You can easily rename the edited photos in one go and save them at the same or a different location on your Mac. Renaming help in easy reference of the edited photos. Various options for renaming the processed images are availalbe for convenience.

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Clear metadeta information

Clear Metadata information

Easily remove the metadata information of your photos in entirety. You can also clean user comments, GPS information, EXIF data individually as well.

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Exif studio supports presets

EXIF Studio supports Presets

Save your settings that you may reuse by creating "Presets". Create Presets while saving or modifying metadata and easily load values for the next batch of Photos and simply process them.

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How does EXIF Studio works?

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  • add photos
  • edit exif fields
  • process Photos

1. Add Photos

Add Photos from Finder or Photos Library. You can even import from specific albums of Photos Library.

2. Edit EXIF fields

Edit the values of desired metadata, GPS location, IPTC or XMP details for selected Photos.

3. Export

Process the Photos with selected settings, save the output with new names & at new location, if desired.

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Batch of Images can be processed

Process large number of Photos in one go. Selected the Photos from the added list and edit the EXIF metadata for all the photos in the batch in one go!

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